The IOTA RGA represents the next generation in RGA design.

Using the latest electronics and surface mount techniques, the entire electronics system fits in a 137 x 101 x 110 mm enclosure.

Reliability, specification and performance are of the highest available for this type of instrument. Power consumption is remarkably low, yet the RF generator is capable of driving the quadrupole to >300 AMU at >2 MHz operating frequency, giving excellent resolution and peak shape.

The software suite supplied is fully featured, designed for a modern production environment, with full networking capabilities. This includes analogue, histogram, multiple ion, trend and leak scan modes that offer more than you would expect. Multi user environment, scripting and analysis suite options are available to build on the functionality of the standard software suite.

Connectivity options include USB and Ethernet. This means that you are no longer tied to those old legacy ports - just plug your Iota straight into your company network and operate it from the comfort of your office, or from anywhere in the world.